About Us

Who We Are

We are a faith community that seeks to bear witness to our love for the God who created us, the Christ who redeems us, and the Holy Spirit who inspires us, as well as to the love we have for one another and the world around us. We are a faithful community who strives to follow the teachings of Christ as we are called to make a difference. Please come join us as we minister to one another and the world. Truly, you are welcome here where we believe that God is still speaking.


We are part of the United Church of Christ and the Indiana Kentucky Conference UCC.

Our Mission Statement

"We, the people of Zion United Church of Christ, as brothers and sisters in Christ, offer complete surrender of ourselves to this ministry of Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit and witnessing to this community and the world. In serving our Lord, this family is compelled to offer Biblical teaching, leadership, stewardship, and ministry to all. Bound together through Jesus Christ, we therefore go forward sustaining each other."

You Are Welcome Here

Join us at Zion United Church of Christ.  We'd love for you to be part of our faith community, as we seek to live into our faith.